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Hello I am new to the group. My name is Michelle, I am 45 and I live in
Wayne Michigan with my guy of six years, and my four legged furry
children...lol. I have one child Jimmy who will be forever 12 in
heaven. I
lost him seven years ago this February 4th. I have a website for him at
formatting link
I love to scrap and started because I had lots of envelopes of pictures of Jimmy (thank God I took lots of pictures) and I wanted to do something to preserve them. Now it is an addiction! I go to crops whenever I can because I think it's rather boring to scrap by myself! It's more fun to talk to friends while your scraping! I am really happy to be involved with this group. It looks like it will
be lots of fun.
Did anyone get scrapbooking items they will never use for Christmas? Me
too! Maybe we can trade and get some use out of them.
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Welcome to RCS, Michelle. I read your website and of course it made me cry! How sad yet how joyful at the same time for you to be able to celebrate the life of your son both through the website and your scrapbooking! The poem your boyfriend wrote is truly special and shows how deeply he cares for you. I wish you continued love and blessings.
I am sure that you will love sharing space with ushere on RCS. We love having new people join us and we especially appreciate getting the opportunity to see their work and share ours.
Again welcome and please feel free to jump right in!
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Michelle, Welcome to RCS!! I looked at your website, I have tears flowing as I write this. What a wonderful tribute to your beloved Jimmy. Thank you for sharing something so precious with us. I'm sure you will enjoy being a part of this group, everyone is so welcoming and supportive. I look forward to getting to know you. I am in Australia, married to a wonderful man, and we have a foster son and 3 furbabies. again, welcome, luv Cec...xxx
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Hi Michelle,
Welcome. Jump right in we love to scrapbook and enable here. teehee
I went to your "For the love of Jimmy" website. What a touching tribute to such a beautiful boy.
Like your idea for a swap of unwanted scrapbook items. We love to swap here usually scrapbook pages, but we're up for most anything anyone is interested in.
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King's Crown
Michelle, welcome! Man between the poem by your father on the tree and the one by your boyfriend I can hardley see to type this! What an absolutely beautiful tribute!!! You did and continue to do Jimmy proud! Fell free to jump right in to the group anytime! Barb:o)
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Very touching web-site Michelle. It's a beautiful tribute to your darling son. Very glad you have joined us! I'm sure you'll find loads of inspiration here!
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Michelle....just had a chance to look at Jimmy's website. What a beautiful tribute to your late son! He sure seems to have brought a lot of love and touched the hearts of a lot of people in his 12 years...you must be a very proud Mom!
Take care, Marilyn
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Welcome to a great group Michelle.
So sorry for your loss but you have created a beautiful site for a beautiful little boy. My heart goes out to you.
I'm Trish, I'm soon to be 47, Mom of 2 girls,GM to 2 boys & wife to 1 guy:>)
I got a few scrapping things for Christmas, but lucky for me, they were all from scrappers, so I got things I'll use for sure:>) Good luck swapping though, these people love to swap!(LOL)
Again, welcome & have fun here:>)
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Hey there Michelle! I'm glad you decided to join in on our fun. I'm Katrina in Kansas City 35, single, no kids just one annoying cat. I've been scrapping since 7/00 and here at rcs since 3/01. If you really really like crops we're having a getaway weekend in May. If you remain a regular poster you're more than welcome to attend. This goes for all of our other newbies too.
Katrina in KS
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Welcome michelle to RCs and hope tosee and hear from you more often. Fro your relly touching site to your son, we can truly see you are gifted nad talented!!
We do our bestest in here to enable!!!
OKC Dave
Check out my pix and crafts!
formatting link
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OKC Dave
Welcome to RCS Michelle! I've read Jimmy's site, and it made me cry. One of my resolutions this year is to be a better Mom. Thank you for the reminder. I hope you find lots more joys in your life to scrap, along with Jimmy, and you're able to share them with us.
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Deb in AR
Welcome to the group Michelle. Thanks for sharing Jimmy with us. Your tribute to him is wonderful. The poem your boyfriend wrote is a beautiful tribute to both you and Jimmy.
I like your swap idea too. I've been wondering what to do with some things that I know I won't use, but are too good to throw away.
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Welcome to the group Michelle! Thank you for sharing your Jimmy with us. It really touched my heart. Your boyfriends poem was really good.
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