OT: Winter with a vengeance!!!

Well, I am thankful for one, but Mother Nature reminded us that it is
STILL that time of year!! Yesterday a front blew in, literally and is it
darned cold!! Only high of 20 plus windchill running below 0. We got
about 1/4 inch ice plus 1/2 inch snow on top of it last night and with
round two tomorrow, they are not sure what we get as the main part could
go south more to Texas.
I know AR and MO to the east are getting it hard too.
Anyhow am frustarted as this is second year my spring blooming flowers,
daffodils, crocus and tulips are out way too early, and we got a ice
storm which does kill them from blooming. AAARRGGHH!!!
We also needed the shot to reality so that the trees and all will slow
down wanting to bud as well get rid of the BUGS that were coming out
after all t warmer than usual weather.
It is still really scary as statewide average we are down 18 inches of
rain. You can not believe all the ponds for farmers that are dried up
and how ow lakes are. Texas is not any better. So we need a lot of rainy
spring days, so all ya'll on the west coast need to send some this way!!
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OKC Dave
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OKC Dave
Wow that's cold. We had 50 mph winds here yesterday and some flurries today. Stay safe Dave.
Teresa in MD
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