Since my DMIL's Passing

Well I'm back. We got back home on the 1st of February from the trip we
dreaded having to make. She is at peace now and no more pain. DH is
dealing well and his job gave him all the time he wanted to take. He was
actually looking forward to returning to work.
On last Friday we traded the red Hyundai Elantra in on a 2005 Hyundai Tucson
4WD (new). Got a killer deal on it and just in time as we are expecting a
day of snow tomorrow and DH can take it for work. It's black with a sun
roof (didn't really want one, but was cheaper than one without). Love all
the hidden spaces, have to name it now.
Tuesday this week we became the first person our landlord or his workers
ever saw to have a drop ceiling live up to it's name, it dropped everywhere
except where I happened to be sitting at the time. That meant until it was
repaired little time on the computer. It was finished last night finally.
Them yesterday evening I got a phone call from DH, he had visited a cousin's
store on his way to work. My favorite great Aunt Jane was not doing well
and they aren't giving her long. We went to see her and it was like an
instant replay of my DMIL. She opened her eyes when I told her I was there
and tried to smile, but she can't focus well. Give her your thoughts and
prayers if you would please as well as her family. This is the great aunt
that her husband my great uncle passed in November.
I'm hoping that things will get better this year, as it hasn't been a really
great one so far. Thank you all for all you thoughts, prayers and concern
for my family.
Teresa in MD

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Teresa, there sure is a lot of life changing things happening in your life at the moment. I'm so sorry to hear of your DMiL, but glad that she's no longer in pain and that your DH is handling it well. I'm praying for your Great Aunt for a speedy recovery aswell as strength for you and the family in this difficult time. Hope the new vehicle will treat you well.
Hugz Judy, SA
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Judy SA
Oh Teresa what a lot of stress you have in your life right now, both good stress a new vehicle and bad. But someone sure was looking out for you when that ceiling fell! Just know that you and your family are in my prayers daily and that I do believe in the law of averages with the majority of things that happen in our lives being really good.
I am so glad that you are back with us again and that you were not injured when the ceiling fell! That must have been so scarry!
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Glad to have you back, but so sorry hear you're having a rough year. Things must be turning toward the better as the ceiling stayed clear of you. I bet that was really scary having it come down around you.
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King's Crown
Thank you Judy. I try to keep in mind that God isn't supposed to give you more than you can manage. My great aunt is about a ill as my DMIL was. The vehicle is getting a real tryout today as we have some snow and DH took it tonight.
Teresa in MD
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Thank you M-C. I don't mind the good stress though. I think my guardian angel was on duty for the ceiling, as it could have been a lot worse. It made me angrier that scared. :-) Thank you for you prayers, as boy can we use them now.
I'm hoping to be able to keep on the group now.
Teresa in MD
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Thank you Lynne. It made me angry more than scared with the ceiling, as that is typical of how my landlord does things. I just covered and ducked. :-)
Teresa in MD
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I am glad to see you make it home safely--and kept safe in your home when it was crashing down around you. Congrats on your new SUV, those are great in the snow. I am sorry about your Aunt Jane. I will be sending my prayers your way. Hang in there. It is good to see you back. Jacqui
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Jacqueline Rogers
Thank you Jacqui. Aunt Jane started to eat again today, so she may be improving, I hope. I'm hanging, but I hope the fingers hold out. :-)
Teresa in MD
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So sorry for all your troubles Theresa
I hope the ball stops rolling for you soon. Prayers are with you & your aunt:>)
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Trish Irvine
OH my goodness! I had a bathroom ceiling collapse from a water leak a few years ago, and it was such a mess!! Glad they got it fixed for ya! I am hoping things will work out for the better for you and your family Teresa! Prayers being said for your Aunt!
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Linda C
Teresa there is so much going on in your life right now. My thoughts and prayers are with your Aunt Jane and the family. I'm glad that you weren't hurt when the ceiling fell. Your landlord sounds a lot like mine. Enjoy the new SUV.
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Welcome back Teresa! Congrats on the new car! I'm so sorry things have been stressful for you, but hopefully things will start to brighten up. I'm glad that you're back with us, though!
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Deb in AR
WOW...I'm so sorry to hear about your family and"adventures". Maybe you'll have a quiet and easy rest of the it all out of the way at the same time! At least you still have a sense of humor! ( Loved your "drop ceiling" comment and am just glad you were not hurt!)
I had a customer create a "story book" about her grandmother that just passed and she made copies of it for the other family members. They were greatly comforted by the book, as they don't believe in an afterlife and so mourned her passing deeply. If you ever decide you'd like to do that, I'd be so happy to help you create one for your loved ones.
Take care!
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