tin challenge

I want to do the challenge, do I have to do anything to the tin before
altering it? Does anyone know of any sites that have instructions for this?
Linda B.
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Linda Branan
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(just some tins to look at) I put these together after reading a bunch of stuff I found and making my own tin.
Altered Tin Instructions
Step 1. Clean out your tim and them let it soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Rince and dry it.
Step 2. Separate the top from the bottom by loosening the metal hinges in the back. Be gentle, you'll need to put the tin back together later.
Step 3. Sand the whole tin inside and out with medium grade sand paper. You don't have to get all the lettering off, just do it enough for the paint and/or glue to be able to grip the surface.
Step 4. Paint the tin with a thin coat of paint. (be sure to keep your paint coat thin especially where the top and bottom of the lid meets or you won't be able to close your tin. Same thing if you decide to paste on paper etc, be careful that you can still close the tin once you are done.
Step 5. Once the paint is dry you can decorate your tin with charms, paper, anything that you can think of. You can even add coats of UTEE etc.
Step 6. Re-attach the lid to the bottom of the can.
And don't forget the little book to go in it!
Good Luck!
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Every one of the instructions I've read said to sand it. Kate. Not sure if any was specific to spray paint though.
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