How do you store your stickers and die cuts?

I've been reorganizing my stash today and realized that I've got an
evergrowing amount of stickers (that I probably will never use, but just
can't seem to pass in a shop) and have tried something new with the filing
of my big sheets I use to keep them in a two ring binder in filing
sleeves, but this did not work too well, as they use to fall around a lot
and get untidy. I've filed them in a "flip file" now. It's basically a
bunch of A4 filling sleeves allready bound together in a "book - like"
manner. I've placed a white page of paper in every sleeve beforehand, so
that you can use both sides of the sleeve and this works very well for
stickers on vellum or clear pieces of plastic, so that the the two sheets
don't "interfere" with each other. I hope I'm making!
For the smaller sheets of stickers and die cuts, I'm using a small "pocket"
type album. I've seen that idea here in the newsgroup - I think it was
Marilyn's tip - and it works really well. Very cheap and very easy to check
out everything quickly.
Judy SA
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I store my stickers in a 3 ring binder thing I got from Creative memories. You can buy page protectors that have slots to put them in. I have also heard of others who use the scrap rack. I know a lady who just bought a regular three ring binder and bought report cover things that are closed on 3 sides and you slide the paper in from the top. So she made her own. I'm sure it's a lot cheaper. I don't really have a way for my die cuts. I've just throw them in a draw, but keep them in a baggy. It's hard to find ones I want. Or even remember what I have.
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I have the Scraprack, it is great.
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Linda B
I don't have too many, but for all my stickers, I use a three ring binder and the plastic pages they make for trading cards., They are inexpensive and work very well.
Hugs, Rach
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I have a Sticker Binder that I take to crops. It has a three ring binder setup inside, and pockets. and it all zips up nice and neat. I have also used old 4x6 photo books for diecuts, and the baseball card trading pages work good for small ones. I also use the 8.5x11 page protectors for sheets of stickers and alphabets.
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I have three PSBs one for die cut, one for letter stickers and one for regular stickers.
Teresa in MD
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well my stickers are in a regular school folder. I am in college so I just bought a regular folder and put them in that. I also have some of the cropper hopper scrap holders for 12x12 papers, and I have file folders, also 12x12 and I have them labeled with scraps, vellum, sticker words and alphabets, fancy paper, lots of stuff. Its working well and I like how I can find everything so darn easy!!
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On Mon, 11 Apr 2005 13:25:55 -0500, "shannon" wrote:
I put my stickers into an ordinary ring binder. I have two - one for letters and peelystickers and 3-D stickers, and one for all the rest, sorted by category, birthdays, hearts etc.. The only ones that don't fit into the binders are border stickers and 12 inch sheets, and I picked up a special border sticker holder for them - it's like an extra-long bill-sorter.
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Karen AKA Kajikit
Something I haven't heard of anyone else doing yet. I have a ridiculous amount of punchies, die cuts and stickers so I bought a "small parts organizer" (like what someone might keep all their screws, nails, nuts and bolts in in a garage) for them. It's wall mountable so it doesn't take up layout space, and the drawers come with optional dividers so I can keep everything nice & organized. I put a label on each drawer (even though they are clear) so I know exactly what's what and can find everything easily. The best part - it was only $15 brand new!
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Rob & Melissa Brown
Melissa, I have the same thing, but use it for all my brads, eyelets and other small embelishments. I like the fact that its wall mounted and out of the way, so to speak. I'm on a brad craze at the moment and I find it very easy to organize them seperately like this.
Judy, SA
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