How do you store your floss?

Hello this is Amber again and I am pleased to announce that I have
received several boxes of magazines, charts, kits and other treasures
including floss. That brings me to the subject of this post. Since I
am starting out new I am wondering how do you keep your floss. When I
still had my stash I had some in floss-a way bags, some on floss bows
and quite a bit wrapped on plastic bobbins and kept in a few boxes in
numerical order. Because I am starting over from scratch so to speak I
want to do it right this time so I ask you all. How do you store your
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I'm a philistine! I keep mine in their original hanks in a number of sandwich size Ziplock bags, sorted by color. IOW a bag of blues, one of greens, one of reds etc. etc. Works for me, but then I only do surface embroidery, where I pick out my colors by "floss tossing". After I select the colors for a project, I move them onto one of my artist's palette type gadgets, with holes all round onto which I can loop the entire hank with a lark's head knot.
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans
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Olwyn Mary
Hi Amber! There are lots of great ways to store floss and it sounds like you are using many of them!! I personally have tried many different systems and finally decided on baggies. I use the less expensive snack bags to store mine and I cut teach skein into 18" long segments so that I can just pull out a number of lengths and attach them to a floss card with a slip knot. Then the baggie stays in my floss box (photo boxes) and I always have that color available for other projects. This just seems to work better for me and I'm not always searching through my many WIPs to find where the main stash of a certain color is.
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How do you store your
Hi, Amber -
I'll cast another vote for floss-away bags...or that system, using whatever bags I get. I use the JoAnn's coupons to stock up on those, or sometimes little snack-size sandwich bags with a hole punched. I keep them sorted numerically on big metal rings, usually 200 numbers to a ring (that is, one ring with 400s and 500s, one with 600s and 700s, etc.) This makes it fairly easy to sort through to pull floss for a project.
The rings are stashed in a big tote bag.
HTH, Sue
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Susan Hartman
Go to the hardware store and buy parts cabinets. Take a skein of floss along so you can see which cabinet will allow you to lay it more or less flat.
Since I have multiple brands of floss, I separate by color. The friend who copied my system has only DMC, so she sorts by number.
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Karen C in California
I have all mine in their original labels and have them in those hardware parts cabinets. You can see a picture of them in my webshots album:
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think I have 6-10 skeins in each drawer. I've actually addedanother cabinet since this pic was taken! Hm. This picture also kind of shows the card tin I was talking about in the thread on altoid tins (lower right corner)! The giraffe picture was taken by Joyce's (from South Africa--some of you may remember her) daughter. It's no longer in my stitching cabinet but is framed and on my desk! :)
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Joan E.
I use floss away bags on rings by number for my DMC floss. I then hang those on belt hangers that are joined by extender hooks.
Everything else, floss and fiber-wise, is in photo boxes in hanging sweater organizers.
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Cheryl Isaak
Did you catch the ultimate storage unit from ABC Stitch Therapy????
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wonder if my Santa thinks I've been good enough for one? O:-)Definitely gotta save up for one. Bobbie V.
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Queen City x-stitcher
I do exactly what Sue does. One plastic tote has all my DMC floss. Another tote has all the overdyed cottons and my growing collection of silks. A third tote has Flower Thread, linen thread, and DMC perle cottons and metallics.
Donna in Virginia
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Hi Amber,
I use DMC & Eterna Silks. When dd was a toddler, I used to keep them all labeled in separate ziploc baggies. But one day she got into them and mixed the whole works into one big tangled mess without the attached colour numbers. I had to buy a colour card to re-number a hundred or so skeins. Since then I've cut each colour to length, wrapped it around a pre-numbered paper bobbin, and kept them in a craft box in my buffet. Each craft box is labeled by numbers such as DMC 225 - 250. It's a little work, but I always know exactly what I've got and where it is.
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Maureen Miller
On 12/7/07 8:03 AM, in article,
I WANT ONE - after I get my craft room. How soon until DS moves out??? (DD might move out first!)
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Cheryl Isaak
I wind my floss on bobbins and keep the bobbins in small plastic boxes, arranged by number. I pull the colors I need for the project I'm working on and store them with the project in a large ziploc bag.
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Dr. Brat
More surprise!!!
I don't use bobbins, but instead I just keep the skeins in plastic bags, sorted by color and then like the two of you I pull the needed colors and store them with the project.
I don't mind looking for the right numbers when I need a particular color. It's my version of floss tossing.
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On Fri, 7 Dec 2007 14:37:01 -0500, "Lucille" opined:
The problem (for me) with keeping them in skeins is when the tabs fall off as the skein gets skinny, so I stay with the bobbins.
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lucretia borgia
Lucille says...
I stuff skeins of floss into plastic bags too but then I order the bags by number and put 'em on rings. This allows me to see what colors I've got and sometimes I can even find a specific number.
I'm not happy doing it but I put my silk threads on those cardboard bobbins and then onto more rings grouped by color.
My overdyes and rayons are in baggies on rings but separate from the regular floss. My not too extensive collection of silk ribbon are sorted by color and housed in plastic sheet protectors in loose leaf binders
All this stuff is in 5 plastic cabinets that have 4 or 5 drawers each.
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