What I've been working on (no pics yet)

I missed the original post about the challenge going on now, and I don't
think I qualify to participate anyway since I don't post often enough,
but it turns out I was following the challenge theme anyway by accident!
I'm working on pictures from a long time ago (2 years? 3?) when my dad,
sister and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the Chihuly
exhibit of blown glass sculptures. I went to Michaels the other day and
found they have brand new scrapbooks, including some really beautiful
ones with a botanical design on the cover!
So, two nice bits of luck for me in a row.
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Congrats on your scrapbook find at Michaels and getting your pages done of the Botanical Gardens. I will have to check out the new albums. I am looking for one for my trip to Hawaii.
Also, anyone can join in on our challenges. It doesn't matter how many time you post. Plus I recognize your name... hehe.. so that means you must post fairly regularly. ;)
If you have a chance to post your pages to the web we would love to see them!
Hugs, Tammy
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Tammy in TX
Hi Luna,
The monthly challenge is open to anyone that wants to try it since you're challenging yourself. It's just the swaps or maybe an M-C contest that has a few more rules since they involve others. I don't know about you, but I love to hear how everyone is doing on their challenges. Thanks for the update. I have notice Michaels near me has been gearing up for something, but I don't know what. Maybe the Martha Stewart line as someone suggested. The rubber stamp aisle has clearly been put on sale to be cleared out. The rest of the scrapbook stuff seems to be staying so far. I'll have to keep my eye out. I don't got there that often any more.
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King's Crown
In article ,
Thanks! I will post them when I get them done. I won't be putting anything in my sig line about them though, since I post on many other groups and I don't know how to have a sig for one but not the others.
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There's no qualifications to participating in the challegnes, so you're doing fine. :-) The Challenges are just to get us motivated to get some scrapping done.
Congrats on finding a beautiful album for what sounds to be a great trip!
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Deb in AR

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