What I've been working on!

My first beaded bead!
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I'm not sure what I'll so with the ends. I have some GF bead caps that are too small. Guess I should really make more before I worry about how to string them.
And here's my netted necklace:
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I'm a little disappointed in it. When you wear it, it doesn't look netted, just like it's in strands. I think maybe I should have used a wider clasp to spread out the netting a little more, from the top anyway. Sigh. Live and Learn. I'll probably take it apart and re-do it, or maybe just take it apart for now. It's pretty anyway, just doesn't look netted.
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Cool stuff.
I'd probably use peyote to tighten the end covering on the beaded bead, doing a decrease, or using a smaller bead size, or simply drawing the beads together instead of adding a bead for the next row. Like the circular peyote Bad Liz mentioned. Or, when I have lampwork too big for a bead cap, I'll use a large (eg, 13mm) flat disk and place a bead cap over that.
The netted necklace is lovely, but I see what you mean about it not looking like netting. I've seen that same thing apply with netted coin purse/amulets. I'm afraid it's just the nature of the weave. You won't see the netting unless the design lays down spread, instead of draping.
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