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OT: Post-op appointment
Well I don't have to wear the brace on my left hand anymore, but I wasn't healed enough to have the stitches taken out. I hope to be back on track with the website stuff tomorrow. I've got a meetup...
13 years ago 18
Christmas cards....make or buy?
So, who's making Christmas cards this year? If you're making them, have you started? How many do you plan on making? Making them all the same, or different designs? I'll answer in a new post. :-) 1....
13 years ago 20
OT: Busy busy...again
If I dissappear for a few days at a time, don't panic. LOL It's that time of year again...Fall Fest at church. Our church puts on a Fall Fest every year on Halloween night for the kids in the...
13 years ago 2
A challenge swap
This challenge was to use the following items on a single page - 3 photos, 5 different papers, 2 different ribbons, and 3 different types of metal object. That turned out really nice. You dog is so...
13 years ago 8
Webshots Updated, NYC & Denver
NO, there is no pictures of me getting wapped or afterwards!! Anyhow my GREAT NYC meet with Kate and Dorothy is in my RCS meets album and the Denver show is a new album. I really as blown away with...
13 years ago 1
Holiday box time again!
It's time for another round! The Holiday Embellishment box is ready to go again, so we're looking for interested people. If you'd like to participate, send me an email with your mailing address and...
13 years ago 8
Dog gift tags
does anyone know of a site where i can find some cute pictures of doggies or bones or whatever to use as gift tags on a bag? thanks......cathy I need them too. Our amazing 4-year-old pup died suddenly...
13 years ago 5
New York Nov. 4 Scrap & Stamp Convention!
Hi Everyone, I wanted to tell you about the 6th Annual Greater New York Art Stamp and Scrapbook Show taking place on Saturday, November 4 at Sports Plus in Lake Grove, Long Island. This year we will...
13 years ago
Sale on Photo Paper
Circuit City is running a good sale on photo paper including PictureMate paks.
13 years ago
Secret Santa Sign-ups - 2 days left
Thursday, October 19th will be here in two days. That's the deadline for sign-ups for Secret Santa this year. Here is the information again in case you missed it in the earlier post: For those of you...
13 years ago 2
We should have another Notepad swap?
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone is interested in a Notepad swap? We haven't had one of those in quite a while? Just curious? God Bless, Dorothy in NY I'm afraid I don't know what this is. Could you...
13 years ago 11
Made a card tonight
For the first time ever I made a card for a co-worker. She gave our Dog Buddy doggie bones because she is dog sitting and the dogs don't like them. I decided I had a few cute dog stamps I would make...
13 years ago 7
tear critters
Saw this site and it has some really cute ideas for tear critters: Click on collections to see more examples. I love the sheep and the penguins. Kathy WOW some really adorable and creative tear ideas....
13 years ago 7
I have pics in my webshots!
I finally scanned some stuff and loaded it into an album. Right now all I put in was atc's. If you're in the current swap don't worry I haven't even started on it. You can see everything at I have one...
13 years ago 7
OT: Congratulations MC
I noticed on the TLC website that for this quarter she had the most recruits and was rewarded with a TLC necklace. The TLC necklace is a beautiful open weave butterfly necklace. Wear it proudly MC you...
13 years ago 6