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(((BIG BUGS!!!)))) an thinking of you nad that great church Ronni!! Tell dh I said Hi too, no I did not say give HIM a hug either!! OKC Dave Check out my pix and crafts!
13 years ago
OT:peanut harvesting time
I know that when we were at the BARN in May a few of ya mentioned raw peanuts. Well hubby and I are going to go get a bunch in the next few days because they are harvesting them but they leave behind...
13 years ago 7
Breast Cancer Awareness alphabet: free download
this alphabet is for CREATIVE LETTERING browser from lettering delights. Download is free and good till October 31st. cowchipper Hey MC Great Minds think a like. Right below your post for the free...
13 years ago 1
Free Cancer Awareness Font
To download your free Cancer Awareness Font vist its a cute font. Chrissy
13 years ago
OT: Testing my dumb computer
Just testing. I haven't been getting any messages since the 10th. I receive emails, but the messages on the news group won't pop up. Then there was 4 today. So I'm sending a test. Hope things have...
13 years ago 2
Envelopes and Paper
Wow, I went into the craft store today and was blown away by all of the different papers. It was shopping for Christmas already!! While shopping I noticed a bone folder and someone mentioned that I...
13 years ago 7
Two COOL new alphabets have arrived at Ma Vinci's, go look! And both are on introductory Blue Light Special, too, 25% off! And don't forget to check the clearance specials page while you're there,...
13 years ago
A very disappointing shopping trip
Yesterday I had to go to the bank, so I thought I'd walk to the mall and see what I could come up with in Target's scrapbooking section to get me started on my christmas cards - the short answer was...
13 years ago 7
****ENABLER ALERT**** ;)
i recieved a catalog from Oriental Trading company today. i have bought a few things from them and usually just scan through their catalog. HOWEVER, tonight after kids went to bed, something on the...
13 years ago 7
has anyone purchased like paper or sticker sheets online and had them arrive in a large (like 12x12) size "ziplock" . i am trying to locate some and have no idea where to look. the bazaar that my mom...
13 years ago 3
Sticker Maker
Hello there. I would like to buy my daughter a sticker maker for Christmas and wondered which would be a good buy for a four year old. Cella gets mixed reviews on Amazon and my googling also brings up...
13 years ago 12
What's on Your SB Xmas Wish List?
I'm always curious about what people are drooling over so I actually get to ask this question every year about this time! So tell us, what itemS are on your wish list this year? Please do try to...
13 years ago 39
So Sad - SS, ideas for it
I know that there are many in here who literally have to watch their budgets, but we are missing so many regulars that posted all the time. I think there are only 5 or 6 people who showed interest in...
13 years ago 19
question about travel souvenirs
Thanks for all the tips from last August. I am home now. I printed out photos from my digital camera and am awaiting the printed ones from film and from friends. Didn't get as many brochures as I...
13 years ago 5
hi my ATCs are done. i've gone back to work. I found the best quote on the web () that made me rethink all my ATCs. Arrg, Kate I'm glad you feel better. But I'll bet that you'll need to rest when you...
13 years ago 4