BabyLock BLSE300 serger feed dogs not moving

I have a Baby Lock serger model BLSE300. I have not had the chance to use it in
quite some time. I tried to use it today, and it is not feeding the fabric
through. The feed dogs are not moving at all. It is set up for 4 thread
serging, and the differential is set at 85. I have gone through the instruction
booklet that came with the machine, but am not finding anything that tells me
what to check or what to do. Please help! Thank you!
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Linda H
I would take out the needles, take off the stitch plate, and do a very thorough cleaning and oiling per the instructions, then try to run it (needles out) at top speed. If it's just a matter of lack of lubrication, that may do it.
Machines -- sergers, sewing machines, knitting machines, etc -- all need to be exercised regularly. When I haven't used a particular machine during a month, I do the clean/oil/run with needles out for at least 5 minutes, and preferably 15. I suspect after a long sitting, the lubricants have evaporated or gummed up, and you may need a trip to the serger doc for some TLC for the machine.
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Kay Lancaster

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