Left most needle's thread does not sew when try to sew a 4 read coverstitch on my Juki MO735

I have been working all day to try and get my serger to stitch a 4 thread cover stitch and have nothing to prove it but most of all don't want to claim defeat.
I have a JUKI MO-735 serger which I haven't used for a while (a year or so) and wanted to use it to sew a cover stitch on a T-shirt. Read the instructions, watched YouTube videos, other videos and read not only my instruction booklet but others on the internet and have not been able to diagnose the problem.
Left most needle isn't caught by the cover stitch looper so my 4 thread cover stitch turns into a 3 thread cover stitch.
Changed all the needle to no avail
Left a 4" piece of thread hang from the looper and closed the left side compartment-didn't stitch the left most stitches
When the looper thread came up through the feed dogs and I left it up there to try stitching again-no stitches
Started by turning the wheel by hand and had the needles go through the material and sit at the lowest point then pressed the presser foot to start stitching-still no left most stitching
Checked all the tensions, Stitch length, differential...nothing.
What can possibly be the problem? HELP!
Josi and the Pussycats
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Josephine Mori-Stoodley
How long had it been since you had it serviced? Could be any number of things, such as timing, bent looper, etc.
I am having a similar problem with one of my sergers. After trying new needles, complete re-threading, and finding no joy, I gave up (thankful I have back-up machines), and will be taking it to my local service tech when the travel restrictions are finally lifted.
Good luck,
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BEI Design
This morning I threaded the machine with 4 different colour threads and it worked but as soon as I changed back to the colour of threads I need (all same quality) it would not work. One question: what am I supposed to do with the looper thread after I cut it at about 4? long. I leave it hanging in the back and start by bringing the needles in the down position to begin.
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Josephine Mori-Stoodley
Are you using the correct needle? Have you tried the JLx2 needles?
Have you tried loosening the tension on the left needle?
Will it coverstitch using the center and right needle positions?
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Kay Lancaster
On Wed, 29 Apr 2020 00:10:10 -0700, "BEI Design"
We're lucky in this town. There is only one service tech, but you can leave the machine by the door, then phone him to come out and get it.
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Joy Beeson

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