Serging elastic

What stitch would you guys recommend for serging elastic for crib
sheets? The last time I tried serging elastic for leotards (on a
White) the thread just kept bunching up. I got a new Evolve and think
it will work much better. Do I need stretch needles?
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I think it may be a differential feed issue. When I serge elastic to put it in a waistband, I sew with the fabric against the feed dogs (not the elastic against the feed dogs) and I set the differential feed to 2. That's the setting that will gather the bottom fabric the most on my serger. Then I stretch the elastic (and only the elastic) taut. That pulls it out to about the same length as the fabric. Then the serger happily gathers the fabric down to the length of the un-stretched elastic.
Oh, I don't use stretch needles either. I use universals in my serger. That way if I just need a quicky serged edge here or there, I don't have to worry about changing to a special needle.
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Sharon Hays

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