Elna Star Series 62C

Hi Folks ;
I just discovered some youtube videos for
my favourite machine - the Elna "blue top".
Including two 28 minute videos for changing the camstack gear.
I've got a sweet Air Electronic that needs this repair
< always scared me > but I might give it a try now ! :-)
Here's just one link - several more available :
formatting link

The youtube repair guy mentions the common cause of damaging
the camstack gear on these machines - which I learned the hard way -
- reversing the direction when using a double-cam -
- that's how I wrecked my Air Electronic ...
Now I just need to find a source for the gears ..
When I last looked - several years ago - the USA - to - Canada
shipping made it too expensive to buy from Ray White - but I might
have to look him up again - to see if it's still prohibitive.
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John T.
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