Elna model 62 Super oily

I have a vintage 1960's Elna Model 62 Super.
I want to know if it is possible to fix it. The previous owner said that the motor just stopped working. When I got it home, I noticed a lot of oil had leaked out of the machine into the case.
Soooo, anybody know anything about servicing the motor to this machine?
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The oil hasn't leaked out of the machine - 45 years of oil has accumulated in the bottom - clean it up. If the machine turns-by-hand OK - not jammed - I would first check the cord and cord connectors and foot switch. The 1960s power cords tend to become fragile after 45 years You will need a multi-meter and some electrical knowledge / experience. If you do some google searches and/or join the Elna Heirloom Yahoo Group you can get advice, Manuals, schematics, etc.
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I believe that you can read all the old topics - - without joining - but need to join to post. Good luck - these are decent machines and are usually worth the time & effort to resurect. John T.
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