Elna 7000 sewing

My elna 7000 was not picking the bobbin thread up, but after sorting that
problem it now doesn't sew at all, makes the noise, feeds the material, but not
a single stitch
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I am not familiar with your machine. General suggestions, offered for what they are worth:
Clean and lubricate (be thorough, follow all the instructions in your user's manual).
Floss the tension disks.
Replace the needle, make sure it is inserted the correct way.
Rethread, both needle path and bobbin.
Take it to your service person.
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BEI Design
It helps to have some history about the problem - eg : 1. it was sewing perfectly yesterday but now 2. I found it in the rubbish this morning and now
Any other symptoms - noise or speed issues ? Turning freely ? Is it the proper bobbin ? wound and inserted correctly ? In general - replace needle; re-thread; check tension check the stitch switches aren't stuck ; Carefully examine and clean the bobbin area for thread jams. broken needle bits, .. John T.
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