Featherweight and treadle sewing machines

I am looking for a featherweight sewing machine in any kind of shape.
I'd like to find one locally ( MILWAUKIE, OREGON -- USA.
Also Treadle sewing machines
But I'll consider machines from other locations.
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Do an area search on eBay and you might find something that you can pick up. If you want a guaranteed Featherweight, try Graham Forsdyke's site - I bought one from him, and it came in 4 days from England. His are pricier than many, but they are very good, and have been serviced well. His site is
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There are others, in the US, who sell them as well. For treadles, there are a couple of vendors out of Canada (BC) that sell on eBay - circagoods is one that comes to mind. Try a search for "treadle sew* machine" to see what comes up - be sure to put the * in the search for the wildcard effect., Hope this helps.
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Thanks -- but I refuse to business with eBay. They hide rather than stand behind their business and what is being sold. When you spend over $500.00 I believe that they should make sure that the item is what the seller says it is. They say that the problem is everyonelse's and not theirs They would not even assist in getting my money back.-- I had to go to an attorney and police in the state the item was sold.
Thanks for your idea anyway!!
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dRU- i found my shop locally (to me, in NJ)---by calling around to antique shops and sewing machine stores. my FW was a little pricier that way (bought at a sewing machine shop), but it is a beauty! betsey "we do not inherit the earth, we caretake it for our children"
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