First time sewing-machine user needs advice

I bought a Brother LS-2020 and some simple cotton fabric to toy with...
been practicing for a couple days and have it down okay I suppose.
Due to physical issues a doctor put an external fixator on my left
foot, making it impossible to wear socks or shoes... pictures here...
formatting link
EXACT MEASUREMENTS I took of the framework are as follows...
WIDTH - 9 inches
HEIGHT - 6.5 inches
DEPTH - 12 inches (includes toes extended past front)
Bottom is square, top is round (halo type as you can see)
Now here is my idea. Because of it getting colder each week as winter
progresses, I need to come up with some kind of cover that can be
easily removed for access by doctors, home nurse, myself or my fiance
who changes my bandages each day, etc etc etc.
I thought of making a cover that is cut like sides of a box... sewing
up 3 of the 4 corners and putting some kind of fastener or zipper of 1
side, and having a shoelace sewn into the top edge like a drawstring.
Here are the issues I am running into.....
1. Should I try making this out of 1 piece of material, or 5 (think of
a box... if you slit the 4 corners down and open it up, it's one piece
in a sense)
2. Should I use velcro on the side or a zipper (machine came with a
zipper presser foot)
3. What kind of material should i use, and how much allowance on each
side should I leave for a) sewing material and b) room inside the cover
I appreciate anyone who has read this, and thank anyone in advance for
any help that can be given concerning this. Ace bandages just isnt an
option for the frame is shaped and applied very strange.
PS- please reply in the group. Perhaps others with similar issues could
learn from any input given.
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How about something in a flannel or fleece that has the basic shape of a very Christmas stocking. I think flannel would be better because it doesn't have all those fuzzes. You could make it several layers thick for warmth. Add a casing at the top and run a draw string through the casing so it can be drawn close to your upper leg. Just make sure you make the toe end very large and just a gentle curve into the leg. Cut it 2 pieces and run a seam up the back and front.Actually you are in the same boat as someone who has a cast or boot cast. When my son was in a leg cast and later a boot cast that's what I made for him. Juno
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Sorry for the triple post guys...
Juno your idea has been mentioned to me to just get a xmas stocking LOL.
Well, we just got this sewing machine and I figured a good challenge would be a cover for this framework.
My thing is pants... anything I buy seems to need splitting up the side seam to crotch level and then add velcro strips throughout it... looks like crap too LOL. I work in a call center in Pittsburgh, and I'm in my wheelchair all day. I *KNOW* I'm grossing out my coworkers with the foot hehe.
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Sounds like Thai fisherman pants would work -- and be relatively easy to make.
Or maybe Birch Street Patterns' Island pants
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(No affiliations with any of the above) > > My thing is pants... anything I buy seems to need splitting up the side > seam to crotch level and then add velcro strips throughout it... looks
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Melinda Meahan - take out TRAS
Those would be good! No yanking them up past the dreaded cage! And you can make them from nice warm fabric, too... Some mad bright patchwork flanel, maybe! :D
If David Bekham can wear a sarong, why not our poor troubled Major!
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Kate Dicey

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