Help with Dressmaker SM

Anyone out there sew with one of these who could help me with changing
stitches? A friend gave me her older SM and I need help.
Barbara in Central Florida
Land of Killer Tornadoes
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Bobbie Sews Moore
Most of these Dressmaker machines need cams to utilize the design stitches, which they have printed on the front, along with the number of the corresponding cam. The cams go into an opening on the top of the machine, which usually has a cover on it.=20
Many of these machines loose their cam sets over the years, unfortunately, and if that happens can only do straight stitching.
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On Mon, 05 Mar 2007 15:20:04 GMT, "Bobbie Sews Moore" wrote:
If this is a machine that takes cams and you have the cams, look for an opening on top of the machine where you can lift out the old cam and replace it with your choice.
If you need missing cams, try asking for them at a sewing machine repair shop. Or go on the internet and check under the manufacturer of the machine to find where to purchase needed cams.
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Vandy Terre
People are selling cams on eBay all the time. Go to: crafts\sewing\sewing machines\ " " accessories.
Be sure to know your machine model # and other such details.
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This machine 6102 FA only has 7 stitches plus the buttonhole and SS stitches (stretch stitches????) It does not use cams. There are 2 knobs on the front, the lower knob has stitch length, plus the Reverse button, and also has (in yellow) "SS" I think I might be able to figure it out with a little patience on my part. Thanks everyone, Barbara in Central Florida Land of the killer tornadoes
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Bobbie Sews More
;I did it! I was talking with friends and someone has a Dressmaker SM similar to mine. I read her manual and found all the information I need to know. Thanks everyone for the help! Barbara
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Bobbie Sews Moore
If possible, get your hands on the manual, and MAKE/SCAN A COMPLETE COPY. You never know what the next difficulty will be....
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