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2 part question --- my brother machine embroidery area is 4x4 - when software wants to know hoop size does it mean the 4x 4 area or the actual dimensions of the physical hoop.
And why would I purchase the extra hoop
As an accessory that is very large? - it would be great to be able to have a larger area than 4x4 but what does a larger hoop do differently?
Thank you - joe
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joe holiday
I would think they are asking for the maximum design area, which is the inside dimensions less area used by the foot. For instance, my largest Singer hoop measures 7.375" by 12.25" *outside* dimensions, but the inside is only 6.125" by 10.25" Technically,. that's probably called a 6X10" hoop. However, since clearance is needed for the foot, the largest design I can use is 5.375" by 9.375".
It allows you to embroider larger designs without multi-hooping. You didn't say what model Brother you have. If your machine accommodates the larger hoop, I would definitely recommend investing in the larger hoop.
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BEI Design
Thank you for the reply - it is a brother simplicity machine that as I ment ioned has a maximum embroidery area of 4 x 4 inches . It would not matter i f I had a larger hoop since the maximum area is 4x4. The slot that holds th e hoop determines how far the hoop can travel. Having a physically larger hoop will not allow me to start a design outside of the 4x 4 inch area in t he middle. So brother is selling a larger hoop for my machine for no appare nt reason.
I have been tiling patterns in photoshop - slicing them - then making embro ideries that are 12x 16 and larger - all in 4x4 inch squares. In doing thi s I've managed to find an interesting glitch in brothers sewing machine ope rating system. If you design a pattern let's say JUST a small circle in the lower left. And then see it out - it will start the image in the center of your embroidery area- not the lower left. I have offered a way around this by drawing a rectangle that fills the 4x4 inch area and not seeing it. - b ut still - that's an awful glitch seeing how precise registration is so imp ortant in embroidery
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joe holiday

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