Janome vs Toyota for first serger

I would like to buy my first serger and am deciding between the Janome
204D and the Toyota SL3335.
The latter is 2/3/4 and has built in roll hem and is £199 including
extra feet.
The Janome is 3/4 with built it roll hem and £219, I think.
Does anyone have any experience of either?
And can anyone tell me why a serger is a 'need' and not a 'want' - as
than I may be more likely to end up with one!!
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S R Glickman
I bought the Janome 134D years ago and never really got on with it. I traded it in at Christmas and got a top of the line Husqvarna serger instead.
I think you should look for somewhere that lets you try before you buy. My dealer runs a 'Know your overlocker' course that gives you a chance to try them out and see whether it would be a useful purchase. I believe they refund the cost of the course if you go on to buy a serger from them. This could be a good choice for you.
Finally, its good netiquette to post to newsgroups using plain text rather than HTML. To change this in Outlook Express select Options in the Tools menu and click on the Send tab. Right at the bottom you should see 'News Sending Format. Select Plain Text and click OK.
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I had an old 3 thread Toyota serger as my first one and it was marvellous. I passed it along to my sister when I bought my Huskylock 910, which I also love. I have loathed all Janome sergers I have tried: I used a friend's quite a lot once when staying with her, and hated the way it jigged about and tried to dance off the table! It was a horrid little machine, compared to the much more basic Toyota I was used to, and the heavyweight Huskylock. BTW, ALL machines will dance a little on a very slippery table: I use a non-slip mat under my machines and have no trouble, but the Janome even danced off the mat!
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Kate Dicey
That's strange because all the Janomes I've seen have had suction cup feet (so, they don't move at all).
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Thanks for the replies. I'll go back to looking at the Toyota.
Sorry about the HTML - our computer crashed in a big way and something must have been changed when it was set back up again.
I can't use it in the meantime so I'm posting from a different machine. Hopefully this will be in the right code.
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