What to look for in a first Serger?

Hi All,
I went machine shopping yesterday ;) I'm on the hunt for a new sewing
machine (see other thread) and a serger. This will be my first ever serger.
The lady demo'd a Janome Mylock 204D for me, and I got to play with it a
little. It certainly seems a sturdy machine - 3 or 4 thread, differential,
flat and rolled hems. I found out what a looper was! Seems that it should
be reasonably easy to thread.
Is this a good machine for a first serger, and are there any other bells
and whistles I should look for? In terms of use, I want to expand my
sewing repatoire from wovens into stetch fabrics. I'm thinking about
making T-shirts and fleece tops etc, also to use the serger to get a
professional finish on my woven fabrics for the seam finishes.
Are there any other machines I should have a look at? Budget is an issue,
but I want to get a good solid machine that will last me a while. And what
about extra feet? The lady demo'd the gathering foot and it looked useful
to have - any others?
Can anyone in the UK explain how the warranty would work? This shop said
the warranty was with the dealer, and they would not do warranty work on a
machine bought elsewhere. Although I expect they would service it for a
Price - now this dealer had the Janome Mylock 204D at £249, and I know I
can pick it up at £219 from another dealer, and at £199 from an internet
store. What Dealer A is offering is unlimited free advise and help at the
store for as long as I have the machine - pretty good - these people did
spend over 2hrs with me yesterday demoing machines and letting me use
them. I do need to go and check what Dealer B is offering however.
Dealer A has indicated there would be a discount for me buying a sewing
machine and serger simultaneously, but did not say how much. From what she
said, I think there is scope for manouvre ;) Dealer A's boss should be
ringing me next week to indicate the discount.
Thanks in advance for any advice and comments.
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Sarah Dale
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I bought a Brother ["Brother Lay-in Thread Serger"] serger last year from Wal-Mart
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and absolutely love it. I sew full-time, so it gets used every day. I'm particularly thrilled with the automatic threading mechanism in the bottom looper. It also comes with a Blind Hem foot. It's $232 which is in the neighborhood of 150 British Pounds - so it sounds like it would appeal to your budget. It has some feature (differential feed?) that can also detect (to some degree) what it's sewing, and so far I have never needed to make any setting adjustments. I frequently sew Spandex/Lycra on it, and recently a heavy wool coat. Hope you find this review helpful :)
I have a friend that owns two sergers and keeps one threaded with dark thread, the other light. I love this serger so much I'm considering buying a second for the same reason. She saves a lot of time by not having to change thread as often.
I'm not sure what kind of warranty it has - but probably something through the manufacturer.
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M. Devantier
Okay. Does *ANYONE* not like a Brother machine of any variety - serger of sewing?
Cripes, you guys (i.e. Brother's Owners Guild, hence called BOG) make me feel like I own an inferior machine at times!
Personally, I favor Babylock and their auto-thread and heavy-duty and bang-proof loopers.
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B. Peg
Me! I currently own a 1954 Singer 201 machine (complete with all feet plus button hole mechanism (still in the original box - now does that make it worth more like Dinky cars?), original piece of string for keys and receipt - thank-you Grandma!), and a late 1970's/early 80's New Home SR2000 (this is the one that is going to go in part-ex for the new machine!). The only other machine I have owned was Grandma's early 1970's Singer (416 or 516 I can't remember), which went back to my Dad when my MIL gave me the New Home (she upgraded to a new machine with more embroidery features).
Sarah (not going to get a Singer this time!)
P.S. The dealer I spent all the time at on Saturday repaired the old Singer whilst I was there testing the other machines and charged £15.50 for a replacement check spring on the tension dial - now how's that for service?!
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Sarah Dale
I own a New Home Mylock 134 D for a few years and I have never had any problems. I have, since purchasing new,told my fiends, "I would never buy new again" If you can find a local "Good/Honest/Trust Worthy" Dealer that is my suggestion to you Look in the used section of your dealers store and ask WARRANTY. That way, you will have a follow - up question and answer place to turn to AND classes to learn all about your machine. Books /Videos are not the same to me,when getting to "Know " your machine. Hope this is of some assistance to you
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I love my Huskylock 910 - couldn't live without it for long! Big, tough, a bit noisy at full speed, but boy! Does it go! Also, will slice through multiple layers of thick Polar fleece and roll the edges of cobweb fine silk chiffon with equal ease.
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Kate Dicey

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