Jc Penny sewing machine 6984

Is there anyone anywhere that can lead me to this sewing machine
manual, the accessories, or who actually made this machine, any type
info you have????
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If you contact me off list I can help at least with accessories, if you can send a photo I can determine who made it, not that it matters much. At least 4 companies made the machines for Penny's.
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Ron Anderson
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for a manual.
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has lots of information about sewing machines, some info free and they also sell user manuals on lots of machines.
Have fun sewing, Rollie
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:I have a jc penny 6984 manual. I will scan it in and e-mail it as anattachment to anyone who needs it. Each page is a separate document. That is the best I can do. Let me know if you need one. My e-mail is snipped-for-privacy@lycos.com. I will warn you the attachment may be big.Sally
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