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found a bedsheet in the fabric box
and decided that since I needed a sheet for the bed and it's a good one, to use for that.
11 years ago 3
What would you make ?
I am looking at my stuff and keep seeing this piece of Double sided jeans ,, until now i can`t make up my mind , one side has stripes the other flowers , i like BOTH sides , what shall i do with it...
11 years ago 2
Camp fire blanket
My daughter has just done a weekend camp with guides and is going on a 9 day camp with them at the end of September. One of the list items is a campfire blanket. I've seen some stuff on the inte...
11 years ago 5
recycling ponders
We all NEED to recycle , dumps are too full ,,, But as much as i recycle /renovate my clothes, Make bags from everything , aprons and cushion covers from skirts etc,,, i still have too much , thus i...
11 years ago 33
rag bag
I use old torn clothes, when thay are very thinned out as cleaning rags. But the pile wasn`t easy to keep... thus i sewed a bag made of little [good parts] of old clothes, made a cushion cover sized...
11 years ago
how to apply double-fold bias tape that butts to a corner ?
I am working on some placemats for someone who provided all the materials. They just want the cut edges on two sides to be covered with the matching double-fold bias tape ( the other two sides are ...
11 years ago 5
Ping Kate
Do you have any recommendations for UK online suppliers of pinstripe material? I've a 36" doll male doll to dress as a bridegroom to partner my Edwardian Bride. -- Richard - The older I get, the b...
11 years ago 3
Fall Shows in Paris
Hi, A number of my local cable channels have been broadcasting them; anyone bedside me watch them? I was most impressed (so far) by Nina Ricca and Chanel shows; I especially liked Lagerfeld's lo...
11 years ago 2
What to charge?
My brother asked me if I would be interested in doing a sewing job for his department. Basically his department has been renamed, and all of their official 'shirts' need to have the old arm patches...
11 years ago 18
About to make some dolls clothes - any tips?
Hi All (especially The Wanderer & Teri), I'm about to tackle some dolls clothes for the first time in (mumble mumble) years... Any hints or tips for someone who's very out of practice? I'm going ...
11 years ago 6
Ping Ron Anderson
[posted and mailed] Ron, I have not had a response from Singer. The threads on the nut which holds the screw to tighten the large hoop on my Singer Quantum XL5000 is stripped (No I don't ever us...
11 years ago 2
Doll clothes
I adore making doll clothes, also per my opinion, it also benefits children in terms of encouraging them to have creative skills because can also have their own playing theme, not only changing the ...
11 years ago 3
dresses are Back hurray hurray
It seems that dresses are Back ,,, at first i thought , it was only a Summer thing , but now i see Winter dresses and wider coats ,,,,, But it is too hot to even think about winter ,, thus i sit her...
11 years ago 33
Hi and HELP!!!
Hi there, I am new here, and I have some questions. I hope you can help me. About 1 year ago, my husband bought me the Singer Quantam Futura CE-200.Very shortly after that I severely injured my l...
11 years ago 6
Setting Tea or Coffee Dyed Fabric
Hi All, I have cream piece of curtain lining fabric - which I think is 100% cotton, that I am thinking about dying with tea or coffee. However, if I do so, I need the new colour to be toddler and...
11 years ago 8