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Oh dear, someone in an Anglo french forum I visit mentioned pinterest . At first glance I wasn't sure, then a couple of days later I notice a fellow sewist had a pinterest badge on their page so t...
6 years ago 4
Truth in sizes?
We accept that a pair of pants with a size 32 waist label may be 26 or 37 in reality but here's a new one. I wondered why my new green shirt didn't feel right. While primping this morning, I not...
6 years ago 7
Hello Beverly, replied to your mail via your hotmail account since Comcast still hates me... U.
6 years ago 2
I am having an electrician over tomorrow to scope out (and fix, I hope!) the constant electrical problem I have going on in my sewing room. If I leave a couple of lights on behind me when I go ...
6 years ago 24
Fun with crystals
I just added a couple dozen tiny Swarovski hotfix crystals to a denim jacket I finished last week. The denim is dark, and it's "printed" all over with raised shiny gray dots in a random swirl p...
6 years ago
OT: Maybe I am back
When I re-joined the group after the death of one sister, I thought I could finally find time to catch up regularly. Then my granddaughter wanted some more maternity clothes, she had gained so mu...
6 years ago 25
bernina 950 industrial
The stars are in alignment, finally the money, and the machine at an affordable price have aligned. I have ordered the machine , it's 2nd hand and from a service centre. i just have to await it...
6 years ago 17
Great british sewing bee
For those of you not in The UK who might be curious. This is my new favorite televison show. Claire in Montréal FRANCE www.claireowen...
6 years ago 15
Ping: Polly
When I was in WalMart the other day, strolling through their fabric dept., there was a small are with a display of a bib ( and Free Instructions) about making a bib out of some new ( to me) type...
6 years ago 8
Is there a hand embroidery pattern design program to download my photos?
I have the pcstitch for cross stitch pattern design software. I would like to download some of my personal photos for family projects using hand embroidery not machine. Have found plenty for machine....
6 years ago 2
Will wonders never cease?
Just exactly what we all need......for those "uh-oh" moments when sewing. -- Joanne stitches @ http...
6 years ago 4
What's the worst that can happen?
I ordered some of each of these: and to make spring jackets. Site says : "70% poly, 25% rayon, 5% Lycra, "Dry Clean" I'm not a...
6 years ago 5
I have a vintage SewMor portable sewing machine
I am trying to find the value of this machine. It is still in the original case with all the original paper work and all parts. ( Im not sure what year it was made or I do not know where to look for i...
6 years ago 1
Newer Trend with exposed zipper down the back
I've mostly noticed it on TV shows. The exposed zipper down the back of a dress looks TACKY to me, but maybe that's just me. How do any of you feel about this trend.
6 years ago 29
back at last
Hi all, I have been MIA for a while but I am finally back on line fully. We had a lovely and well deserved 3 week holiday in Feb( managed to squeeze 15 yards of lovely cotton flowered fabric in...
6 years ago 3