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<Ping> Juno
I think you like challis. This online supplier just sent their e-mail notice of a nice sale: NAYY, ...
8 years ago 7
Anyone live along the Carolina Coast?
I live about 250 miles inland of SC and we should be OK from the present hurricane. Is there anyone in our group who lives close to the Carolina Coast, SC or NC? Please report in after the storm p...
8 years ago 2
Problem solved, part 2
The beautiful 'great shirt', tank ( one size too big) and pants have arrived. The plan was to take the tank and raise the neckline so I wouldn't get arrested. YeeHa. That plan worked great. S...
8 years ago 8
sweater coat
Done!!!! I will take some more detailed pictures tomorrow. I think she likes it. :) Sharon --- Ne...
8 years ago 6
Complicated Pillowcases
Sometimes, if something can be sewn easy, or complicated, I seem to chose the hard way to do it! Years ago I made some Valances for the two windows in one bedroom and the adjoining bathroom out of ...
8 years ago 5
Now, how about a little opera?
My DGD attended the Woodwinds at Wallowa Lake camp: this summer. Here is a sample of what these great kids accomplished:
8 years ago 15
Tru-fit pattern classes at Hancock
I signed up for this last month and took the class last night. I knew going in that they would be trying to sell a lot of stuff, but I went in with a limit as to what I would spend and stuck to it. ...
8 years ago 4
Dodged a Bullet
I saw my doctor today, the results of my EKG and echo-cardiogram do not show heart damage or congestive heart failure. I still have to lose some weight and get my cholesterol and blood pressure num...
8 years ago 21
Prayer request please
I know I haven't been that active, but I have a serious prayer request to put out. As some of you know, my son has been taking karate since we moved here, and my daughter started in October. The fam...
8 years ago 3
Problem solved?
Back when the spring catalogs first came out ( probably about December, wouldn't you think?), I saw a shirt, tank top and pants that I loved. Except. I was certain that the tank top was cut much to...
8 years ago 2
Thread types
Hi I just wanted to ask how overlocking thread performs if used in a regular sewing machine for straight, zigzag stitch etc. Google gets me nowhere on this. I might end up having to try it, but you f...
8 years ago 10
Just a couple of projects to keep me busy
I took a few minutes tonight to put pictures of my recent projects on my web page: The infamous pillowcases: My sister's (very late) Christmas present, finished...
8 years ago 25
Eye candy
For those of you who love to wasder round the web and look at historic fashions: Fran
8 years ago 5
JL sewing machine
Hi everyone Anyone have any comments on John Lewis sewing machines, been looking at the JL110 as a first machine for someone. On paper it looks good, ...
8 years ago 3
Ping : Emily and Sharon and anyone else with the constant heat
How are you folks in the south bearing up woth the high heat. Every time I have the weather channel on I see how hot it is. I hope all of you are able to keep cool. I hope it breaks soon for you. ...
8 years ago 27