Lingerie thread - again!

I have been scouring all sorts of suppliers here in New Zealand for
this thread, without much success.
One wholesale importer asked me about the gram weight of the thread -
and I didn't know of course. Normal Gutteman or Metrosene (sp?)
thread is 120 and I wondered if anyone out there actually knows the
weight (or denier) of the lighter weight polyester thread this
wholesaler says he has in stock. He said it is called polyfill (at
least I think that's what he said!).
I could get no joy from any retailers whatsoever. No one even knew
what I was talking about!
Thanks all.
Don't assume malice for what stupidity can explain.
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Here are a couple of "equavalencies" for thread sizes.
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Probably the best thing to do is find out who makes the thread in question, and ask them.
Typically I use threads in the 70-100 range of cotton thread size for batistes and other lightweight fabrics.
Kay Lancaster
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Kay Lancaster

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