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I'm Helen and I have an extensive background in outdoor mens work
aparell repair and alterations. My background includes 10 years in
manufacturing (King Louie Incorporated) and repair. My specific title
was, "utility worker". I'm curious if anyone knows of any companies
that would consider my services in my area. My employer, King Louie
here in Adair, Oklahoma closed and I do not wish to move but would
love to continue in this field as I loved my job.
Also any private persons with repairs\alterations needed contact me.
Thank You,
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Look into the costs/legalities of setting up your own sewing business. Write a business plan. Figure in what you need to make, and what your costs will be. Then when you are ready to fly, take an ad out in your local paper. Print some business cards on your computer. Hand them out everywhere. You will have more business than you can imagine.
Sharon ---who hasn't taken out an ad in the paper yet. I have enough business to keep me hopping just from word of mouth and handing out my cards while running errands. :)
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