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Hello all,
I remember that Kate once recommended Timtex for hat brims etc. However,
this hard to obtain here in Germany, and I think somebody even mentioned
that it has gone out of sale. Vilene has something similar but it isn't as
pliable and stitchable as the stuff I have in mind. For my needle books I
will use a combination of Vilene # S 520 and a layer of # H 640 on both
sides. But # S 520 feels like plastic lampshades and I fear that it will be
as brittle. I'm planning to make myself a sunhat without a top that can be
adjusted to the head by bands, like a wrap-around skirt. And since it's warm
in the sun and I tend to sweat profusely, washability is an indispensible
trait. Perhaps I could use # S 80 or S 133; has any of you ever worked with
Uh, and before you direct me to the quilting group - I'm not going back
there. A while ago, I spoke my mind too freely on the Facebook
rec.crafts.textiles.quilting group and received a shit storm, followed by an
unannounced eviction. I tried to get my point heard but the lady I asked
privately said she didn't like the way things had happened but she didn't
object the course of action in general. However, I was allowed to feel free
to go on posting in the UseNet version of the group. Yeah, sure. I had
called somebody's kid a 'little Lord Fauntleroy', but obviously none of the
ladies present in that group had ever read the book or seen the movie.
But I'm wandering. Any suggestions?
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Ursula Schrader
My favorite sun hat is a commercial one, made of yards and yards of polyester horsehair braid sewn into shape. I suspect you could take the crown out of it if you really wanted, but I prefer to have some scalp protection, too. It's survived about 10 years of yard work, mowing and other outdoor stuff, still looks good. The tag said "100% polyester, spot clean", but after it got caught in a truck door and got all greasy, I treated the grease and threw it in the washing machine -- came out good as new.
The hats I made as a kid just had layers of denim, closely quilted, in the brim, and they worked well, too.
Another thought... have you seen the foldable hats with a wire rim?
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Salvage the wire out and make your own!
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Kay Lancaster
My mother's wedding hat (1932) she made from horsehair braid (dunno what fiber, certainly not poly). She had it and wore it fro years after, with different flowers, ribbons, etc.
I love denim sun hats, Vogue 8405
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has several brim widths, I plan to make a couple.
Or, go to a craft store and get some millinery wire.
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BEI Design
Thank you, Kay and Beverly,
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Ah yes, good old polyester - I wish I had a hat like that. I know that protection of the scalp is, especially after menopause, when your hair gets thinner is desirable (and I probably should plan that way) but I tend to get so hot on the head under a conventional hat. I do own a very pretty straw hat that cost me more than I dare to own. You may admire me here ;-) :
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However, it is very light-coloured, and I wouldn't dare wear it riding my bicycle for sweating it through and losing it.
I bet that it is real horsehair braid, Beverly; I can't think of any material of those days that would have replaced it then. Yes, once you have the right one, hold on to it, remodel, clean, refurbish but never let go of it (I guess that goes for men as well as for hats) .
When I'm out in the sun, I usually have a kind of bandana with a little shield in front wound around my head. That absorbs the sweat nicely, is washable, and can be folded away easily. Since the sun is getting stronger and I remember my dear mother's death (black skin cancer) I feel that I should protect my ears, too. So the adjustable brim-only hat would combine the convenience of being folded away easily with the open top for fresh air, and I could wear a bandana under it, too, to absorb the sweat. A wire in the rim wouldn't be too good, I guess. As for ready-made patterns - I have such a large head that I need men's sizes. I thought that a plain circle would be just enough. Perhaps denim, nicely quilted would be enough. I'm still pondering...
U. - Too many projects in my head, so little energy to do them.
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Ursula Schrader
Why not just put mesh panels in the side of the crown, somewhat like:
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One of the reasons I bought the poly horsehair braid hat is that it's all slightly ventilated, and it has a lanyard so I don't lose it in the wind.
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Kay Lancaster

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