National serger--help!!

Hoping you guys can help. I purchased a new National N50E serger about 13-14 years ago. We moved away from the state where I purchased it and couldn't remember the name of the shop now if I tried.
The problem is I've broken both screws that hold the needles in and the local sewing machine guy doesn't know where to get some to match.
I was told a long time ago that this serger was the same exact model as one of the "big name" machines, but can't remember which one. (Can you tell I'm getting old and forgetful?}
If any of you can point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated. This serger is a workhorse and I'd like to get it running again.
Thanks! Cindy
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sewin mama
What kind of screws are these? Are they set screws, where you use an Allan key (L-shaped with a hex head) or small bolts with a head that you use with a screwdriver?
I find it hard to believe that he can't find something. Even Home Depot stocks lots of different set screws and bolts of different sizes, even some that are metric. If it's an odd size metric, there are specialty machine shop suppliers that will have them. Is National the same as Panasonic or is it a different National? Regardless, it's likely a metric thread.
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Michael Daly
He's right about that. It's extremely rare that a manufacturer uses proprietary screws. Take it to a good hardware store (not Home Depot or the like) and they will be able to fit it with screws.
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If you have no luck at the hardware store, try a good auto parts store if you still have one.
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I called someone today who may have the screws I need. He said that you can't find these screws in a hardware store and if you tried to insert something that seemed to fit, it would ruin the threads. He's checking to see if he has them in stock and will call me back. I found out that Necchi made a similar model.
I want to get the machine going again. It serged beautifully, but being older, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles my newer machine has. It's as heavy as a truck and twice as strong :)
Thanks to all of you for your great answers. I've always been a lurker and have learned so much.
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sewin mama

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