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I just got word that we will be moving to Paris for one year!!! We are
very excited and beginning to plan our time there. I won't have a work
permit so I will have more free-time than I ever have before! What a
wonderful time for sewing (and going to cafes, and visiting the Louvre,
and taking ballet classes)!
A French friend here has indicated to me that there is not much of a
re-sale market for appliances in France. I don't want to ship my sewing
machine there and back, so what is a girl to do?
I can bring hand-sewing projects, and needlepoint, but do you have any
advice on where to look for an inexpensive old machine that will serve
for one year? I've been looking at Craigslist Paris but it is not very
I'm very excited and a little scared - I lived in the UK before, but we
(mostly) spoke the same language - Paris will be an adventure!
Thank you so much for any advice, sewing or otherwise!
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Isn't there some sort of sporting event that takes place there? June and July?
--Karen M. turning green with envy; was yellow!
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Karen M.
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uttered>> Isn't there some sort of sporting event that takes place there? June >and July?>
Forget that. Think of all those trips to Clingancourt she can make. And the farmers' market at Versailles on a Sunday morning ...
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She who would like to be obeye
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How exciting a whole year just for sewing and exploring Paris.Wow. You will have to try the marches aux puces, literaly flea markets . All the parisiens that I meet down here rave about them, and never stop telling me what a trove of fabric they are! well maybe one day, but I am 8 hours drive from la grande citie. You may get lucky for a sewing machine at a flea market also or try vide greniers, literaly empty attics equivelant to your yard sales in the Us I think. Then you can do a grand vide grenier yourself at the end of your year, and sell it again and have some extra euros for a spend up before you leave. Just the job for those must have parisien must have clothes. Of course we do have ebay here in france so prahaps you might get lucky for a machine on that. Also my favorite fabric shop in Pau has braches all over France in Paris they are at 25 & 28 Rue du Sentier 75002 34 Rue St Placide 75006 Galerie du Lido 78 av champs elysées 75008 7 place de la madeline 75008 75 av d'Italie 75013 44 rue de commerce 75015 1 rue de Passy 75016 14 rue duban 75016 7 rue poncelet 75017 5 rue barbés 75018 50 rue Polonceau 75018 27 rue de Clinancourt 75018 39 rue Ménilmontant 75020 and also In Boulogne 92100 Levallois 92300 Montreuil 93100 Saint Denis 93200 there are 3 ans Saint Germain en Laye 78100
I coulsd email you my telephone no if you like even tho' I am far away from Paris so you feel not so " lost in france" to quote Bonnie Tyler. Claire in Montréal, France.
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Claire Owen
Wow, so much to see, so much to do. Thank you so much! I may consider eBay and I will certainly keep a lookout for vide greniers. I can't tell you how exciting it is as it becomes more real! We won't be there 'till the beginning of September.
I will certainly need friends in France! Hopefully we will go through Pau and perhaps we could visit your fabric store ensemble!
Je vous remercie beaucoup! -Charlotte
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I don't live in France, but I did visit once. Can I suggest this book, if you're going to visit the flea markets? I was digging around to see if I could find my copy to offer you, but it's in the lost place at the moment.
I used it a lot and her descriptions were spot on...what days, what times, what kinds of stuff you'll find...
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