polyester allergy

Can anyone tell me if there is a fabric out there that I can use in place
of polyester for a concert gown? My child has a strong allergy to
polyester. She gets hives with just a single touch of the fabric.
Director wants us to make a gown that looks like the other dresses. HELP
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On Sat, 16 Oct 2010 18:23:59 +0000,
If she didn't get the allergy from you, get a sample of the fabric and take it to fabric shops -- if there are fabric shops in your area. (Knowing what I do about allergies, I'd say keep it in a plastic bag when not in use. No use tempting fate by un-necessary exposure.)
Most mail-order fabric shops will send swatches on request.
If the concert gowns are black, that will help a lot, but there *are* different shades of black.
The way the fabric hangs and moves is also important. More details as to what the fabric you are trying to match is like would make it possible to give better suggestions.
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