polyester allergy

Can anyone tell me if there is a fabric out there that I can use in place
of polyester for a concert gown? My child has a strong allergy to
polyester. She gets hives with just a single touch of the fabric.
Director wants us to make a gown that looks like the other dresses. HELP
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Silk, cotton, rayon, acetate, nylon, Tencel, linen, Ramie, and/or a blend of any of those?
If you can find fabric of a similar color and "hand" it probably will not matter what the fiber content is. From a distance, and under stage lights, most will not be able to tell that it's a different 'fiber'. You need to be sure if the other performers gowns have a "sheen" that the fabric you select is similar, and likewise if they are matte, choose matte fabric. I think it's most important that the color be a close match.
Has she seen an allergist?
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BEI Design
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well, it doesn't help. a polyester "allergy" isn't technically an allergy, it's a chemical sensitivity. most allergists don't deal with those, IME. one can be allergic to natural things (i think it's protiens, but it's been awhile), but things like sensitivities to polyester (i have it), formaldehyde, artificial scents, flavors & colors, etc. don't technically fall under allergies & can't be treated the same. my allergist's advice was just to avoid those things. i do agree on your selection of possible substitute fabrics. the OP needs a sample of the polyester she needs to match, but one of those other fabrics should work just fine. lee (also "allergic" to the ink on American money)
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