Singer Stylist 834

My wife and I were just given this machine. When my wife started to use it she realized that it will not feed the fabric. The feet are moving forward and backwards but they are not moving up and down.
Any help we could be given would be greatly appreciated.
------------------------------------- Matt and Mandee
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started to use
1. Lets start easy ...
Could just need some cleaning or lubricating around the feed dogs or under the feed dogs. Could be lots of thread lint or maybe some thread balls or anything like that that are stoping the feed dogs from moving properly.
Have you removed the needle plate and checked for any gunk build up under there and check for the feed dog movement up and down with needle plate removed ? clean out all the lint and thread wads ?
do the dogs move up and down now ?
2. Next ...
Are the feed dogs really moving forward and backwards properly ?
Or are they just kind of jumping and jittering some or a small bit.
3. Next ...
Could need some lubrication if the machine has sat for a while ?
There is one screw that holds the plastic tray on under the free arm. if you remove it you can see everything you need or want to see to determine the problem with the feed dogs.
You can get some sewing machine oil and a little cheapy small "artist" paint brush and dab some sew oil on any thing that moves or looks like it should move.
4. Next ...
Could be the pastic gears have failed.
When you took the plastic tray off did a bunch of bits and pieces of black plastic fall out ?
Having said all that... First you need to decide if the machine is worth the trouble to fix ?
The stylist are not fantastic machines. They are ok machines . They have a few basic stitches. They have plastic gears that move the feed dogs and other plastic gears that move the thread hook. The gears almost always crumble some time late in there life (10+ years). The gears are cheap but it is tedious job to replace and you !!will!! need a service manual to complete the job for timing and adjustments.
The amount a sew shop will charge you (? $80 ? ) to do the job will greatly out value the machine.
share with us how it goes
hth robb
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Take the bottom covers off and I bet the feed gears are broken. They are near the center of the machine one long and slim the other about the size of a Quarter. Not all that difficult to replace.
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Ron Anderson
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------------------------------------- Matt and Mandee
I took off the covers and it was the feed gear. The long and slim one is missing half of the gears on it. I was able to loosen it and slide it down a little to get things working again. I will be ordering the gears and replacing them as soon as I can. Hopefully it will last this way until I can get the new ones. Thank you everyone for your help.
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