Hi all, To those of you with tote or trolley bags for your sewing and/or serger machines: is there a brand you prefer over others? And for what reason: ie. structure or construction of frame? Quality of materials used? Anything else I missed? Thanks for your help, AK in PA
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AK: My SM rolling case is generic. I bought it in Joanne's. It serves the purpose nicely. In fact I used it this weekend. One 'drawback' is that the access to the SM is from the front of the case. I think it might be a tad easier to access on the top, as I would just lower it down and lift it up. This way, I have to sort of crouch down and tilt the SM case to get it into and out of the case. OTOH, with the front load, if I have something strapped on the top, I can still access from the front, with out rearranging other cargo. I think the next time I use it, I will transport my 'other stuff' in my large gym duffle, sin ce it has a strap to fasten to the handle of a rolling case. HTH.PAT
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Pat in Virginia
I have one that I bought at Hancocks. It has a top opening. I like it a lot. It seems easier for us old people to use. I looked at both versions. And I liked the top the best. dreamboat
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