Got a little cold earlier this week. Congested, tight breathing. Got
out the nebulizer and the Albuterol on Tuesday - haven't needed either
of them in months. Nebulizer quit working on Thur. Drugstore doesn't
carry them. Call pulmonologist office - assistant useless. Got on
line, ordered one over the net, it will arrive maybe Tueday.
Thought I could handle it, but lunchtime Sunday told dh "Sunday 1 p.m.,
most people will be watching sports on tv, maybe I could get quick
breathing treatment in the ER." went there, not too busy, got a
breathing treatment, said thank you very much, bye, and they told me Oh
No, we have more tests to do. taken further back, x-rays, IV etc.
Soooooooo. Here I am on the 7th floor of the hospital, with
antibiotics, steroids and I'm not sure what the other one is going in
IV, plus they have given me so much inhaled treatment I am totally dizzy
and cannot stand unaided.
Got dh to go home and bring me some toiletries, change of undies,
another book, and,OF COURSE, the laptop.
Hope to go home in the morning.
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.
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Olwyn Mary
Oh, Mary! I hope you do get out of there tomorrow morning! They love their tests, those people. Especially when someone else is paying for them. Will be keeping a good thought for your early release!
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Wow, better safe than sorry. But I'm amazed, I have been to the local ER, holding a bleeding hand (cut off the tip of my finger with a hedge trimmer), and they made me wait *in the waiting room* for over three hours. It sound like you were very well taken care of. I hope the news is good, and you're home tomorrow.
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BEI Design
((((((((((Olwyn Mary))))))))))
Fingers are crossed! But REALLY glad here that you went to the ER!
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How awful....sure hope you are back home & feeling better soon.
On Sun, 10 Jun 2007 23:49:28 -0500, Olwyn Mary wrote:
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West
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quoted text -
OH! I hope you are home and breathing easier when you read this.....
please take care of yourself (which you are...but i still always feel the need to say it).
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