Where is the best sewing supplies shop IN Chicago please?

My wife wants me to get her sewing "notions" for xmas, the problem is that I
have no idea what this is or where to get them from. I am going to rely on
my old tried and tested method for solving this and ask the experts ( you
kind folk) and throw money at it ( get the store to shop for me). Could
someone please tell me where the best Sewing supplies shop IN Chicago ism I
stress the IN because I don't want to have to leave the city limits to find
it. Thanks in advance
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Harry Palmer
Well, it depends on what she wants. "Notions" is basically everything that you use to sew that isn't fabric or a pattern. Pins, needles, thread, sewing machine feet, pincushions, elastic,beads, buttons, elastic, boning, interfacing, ribbon, hem tape, zippers, etc.
Hancock has a decent selection of notions, and they are having a really big sale on Saturday the 17th.
If you want a ridiculous level of variety, Evanston's Vogue Fabrics is the place to go. It's only a few minutes out of the city (on Main Street between Chicago and Ridge). Vogue also has a location on Roosevelt, but the Evanston location has a better selection. They even carry corset busks and stays! (swoons)
Ahem. *gets grip on self*
If you tell me the kind of stuff she sews (clothes, quilting, crafts, art-to-wear, etc), perhaps I can help you better. Or perhaps a gift certificate might be a better choice - I know Hancock has them. That way she can pick out what she needs.
I happen to live 2 blocks from the Broadway/Glenlake Hancock Fabrics, and would be happy to play friendly native guide if needed. ------------------------------------------------------ Wendy Z Chicago, IL (Moo) Wench Wear Costumes
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Hah! I live near there! I live just outside Sittingbourne. Did you work at Rochester Airport Works? DH is based there.
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Kate Dicey

thanks for the great and very complete advice. It's exactly what I needed to know and will probably make the trip to Evanston's Vogue. Thank you for the great offer of being a native guide but I wouldn't want to impose. I see you do the medieval costume thing, I used to live in a place called Rochester in Kent UK, where pretty much everyone dressed up. They made me be the visiting sea captain. Lots of laughs.
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Harry Palmer

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