WOT: Great kids

Friday was my birthday. A big one. With a zero. And a large number
before the zero. Beverly knows. I'm blazing a trail.
I got a call from my older son, said he was on his lunch break but
wanted to call to wish me a happy birthday because he would be out later
that day. I thanked him, and told him to go get his lunch while he
could. He mentioned that my younger son would probably call in the evening.
I had no sooner hung up the phone than there was a knock on the front
door. I went to see who it was, and it was my two boys!!!!
They had flown in from Seattle, and called from the cab on their way
from the airport.
I have never been so surprised in my fairly long life. What a treat!
We visited and went out to dinner together and had a great time.
Of course, they got together with friends Saturday, each going his own
way to see different people. But they reported to me that at some time
Saturday evening, they wound up in the same bar. That has never
happened to them in Seattle, and it isn't like there aren't a lot of
nightspots in Reno.
Today I took them to the airport to go home, thanking them for the best
birthday present ever. Plus, they'll be back in two weeks when the
older one is helping the younger one move back to Reno.
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Worth getting old for :-)
Belated greetings!
Go on, tell us the first figure ... my next one will be 7 :-)
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Mary Fisher
Happy belated birthday, Joanne! What a wonderful surprise; yes those boys are great....and they love their mom :)
On Mon, 21 Jul 2008 02:17:37 -0700, Pogonip wrote:
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Happy Birthday Joanne, What a great surprise. "Ain't" kids great!! You know you did everything right for them and now they are doing fight for you. Juno
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On 7/21/08 4:50 AM, in article
I will hit the double 7 in a few months, meaning the 8 will arrive sooner than desired. Some days, though, I still think I'm the age of my youngest DD, mid 50s. Emily
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Emily Bengston
Happy (Very Big Number) Birthday Joanne, you old fart. ;->
Congratulations on rearing such wonderful sons.
Beverly, a very slightly younger old fart
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BEI Design
Yes, age ain't nuthin' but a number, as the Uppity Blues Women have sung. Anyway, 70 is the new 40.
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Thank you. But I'm not so sure about that -- I think they turned out right in spite of me. ;-)
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Absolutely! Have been for 40 years already! LOL!! My stepdaughter says I'm a crone. Then quickly mentions that she's referring to the Maiden-Mother-Crone hierarchy.
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Our 'children' used to refer to us as the Aged Parents. That was in the 1970s.
Now they have 'children' of 23yo down :-)
Crones rule!
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Mary Fisher
Happy Birthday Joanne!!! That was a FABULOUS story about your sons. What great guys. Sounds like you had a glorious birthday. :)
Hope you remembered at some point to put on your Queen of the Universe tiara. I try to remember to put mine on about 10 minutes after breakfast on my birthdays. ;)
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Sharon Hays

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