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Fall & Winter Sewing
Who has already started sewing, and finished up on some of the winter sewing for their home? I have finished some of my pants alterations but it is just hemming, and then taking in one pair of pants....
3 years ago 4
altering pants for man with scoliosis
****__customer needs pants taken in after weight loss. Right side much bigger than left. Rightside actually fits perfectly, but left side is way too big. normal dress pants with regular waistband and...
3 years ago 3
White fabric for Waistcoats-update
I thought I had better share a picture of my boys in their white on white waistcoats, after all I sent out the 1st help me post here for white damask fabric on this group. The wedding went of...
3 years ago 3
The thread guide on my has 4 parts-singer 319K
Now I fidgeted with it and all 4 parts have come off the bar and I can't figure out how to put it all back together again. Any help? Title of this thread isn't much help. Anybody here have a clue what...
3 years ago 11
Shoulder Pads and Dressy Black Buttons
Hello everyone. I have not been on this group in several years actively al though I have occasionally "lurked." My dear husband passed away last year , and my health is rapidly deteriorating to the...
3 years ago 2
Singer 338- raising presser foot does not release top thread tension
I have just acquired a beautiful singer 338. I have cleaned it up and oiled it and it's working just great. The only problem I seem to find with it is that the thread tension is not released by...
3 years ago 1
my bobbin thread will not catch with the needle thread.
It was just sewing fine. Finished one row. Cut threads then started on another row. Bobbin thread would not catch with needle thread. I took out the bobbin and re inserted and re-threaded needle front...
3 years ago 10
Nancy Zieman retiring
I don't know if anyone has mentioned this here, but Nancy Zieman is retiring. She has had a reoccurrence of one of the cancers she had in 2015. The doctors are saying it's not treatable this time. I...
3 years ago 2
need some help with a modification for a butterfly bait trap lid
I put this thing together from some nylon, but I'm having a problem I'm hoping someone can address. My post is here along with the issue: If anyone has any suggestions, please post them here. Thanks!...
3 years ago 1
Ripping seams with a razor blade
When ripping a seam that's pinned to the ironing board, it helps to sit in an office chair with wheels, so that I can move farther from the board instead of constantly re-pinning.
3 years ago is shutting down
MicroSoft has decided to discontinue hosting, and I cannot migrate my data to new hosting, so if there was anything there you wanted to see/review/save have it, the site will disappear 9/1/2017. Oops,...
3 years ago 6
Re: Has anyone made clothes from burlap?
I was asking an honest question I hoped this would be a helpful not a negative group. We are being positive and we're giving you our honest, thought out opinion. You may not agree with what we are...
3 years ago 3
The Gulf Coast
Lots of luck to our friends along the Gulf coast. Please report in after all this is over and let us know how you are! Barbara in Florida
3 years ago
Has anyone made clothes from burlap?
I am interested in helping a 4H girl create a unique outfit. I thought perhaps a jumper or dress made of burlap with machine embroidery would be fun and unique. I can't even imagine wanting to wear...
3 years ago 10
searching for white or green brocade for a man's waistcoat.
I need help finding some white or green brocade to make No 1 son a waistcoat the wedding is white flowers and dark green foliage and natural wood . So far I have found. If anyone else has a source...
3 years ago 6