cutting glass slides

I have some glass 1x3 microscope slides that I need to cut down in size. The store where I bought them told me they sold slides to rubber stampers and to ask advice on discussion group.
where can I get acrylic to use instead of glass?
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Most hardware stores sell inexpensive glass cutters; you simply score the glass, not pressing down too hard, and tap the part you don't want with the other end of the cutting tool until it snaps off; with a little practice, it's easy to get a clean edge.
Acrylic what? microscope slides? I don't know, but if you look in the yellow pages under "plastics" you're likely to find someone who sells clear acrylic in various gauges that might suit your purpose.
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Pat Kight

If you aren't worried about the thickness of the glass, they sell glass coverslips in all different sizes.
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Scout Lady

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