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La Site Communique; 09/02/2004 22:44:58
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Hello, bienvenue, bienvenidos and g'day.=20
We hope this Communication finds your good self and the whole =
rec.crafts.rubberstamps community in good health and with Great Spirit.
La Site is proud and privileged to field itself as the favoured meeting =
point and dating site, for you, the UseNet Community
We wish to extend our best wishes by way of giving you a free, 30 day, =
full-on Platinum Membership.
This will give everyone a fair 30 days to fully test drive the site.=20
This is a no-strings, zero-pressure offer to you so you are able to make =
an informed choice about joining us full time.=20
We are here February 14th.=20
Until then, our best Wishes, adios and bye bye,
La Site Support Team.
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What do you use to protect your cards if you're selling them? Zip lock bags, bags with a top adhesive, etc etc? Poly or cellophane?
Do you have any links to sites that don't require that you buy a case of 1000 bags?
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