Seeking mail art and other papernet listings

I'm playing around with the idea of a new mail art and papernet listing PDFzine called the Papernet Gazet.
I really miss Global Mail, and I think papernet info online is too widely distributed to be contextual or comprehensive. Not sure where I see Papernet Gazet going long term, but I pledge to at least three issues of this PDFzine, and then I'll reassess.
The basic idea is that it'll be available solely as a PDF. Copies will be sent to participants who include an email address in their listing. I'll let folks know how to get the PDF otherwise. And people will be able to freely distribute the PDF as they see fit once they get a copy.
If you'd like to participate, the basic form is at
formatting link

I'm also looking for 2-3 columnists, fillustrators (people to submit little illos to fill empty spaces), and cover artists. If you'd like in on that action, let me know, as well.
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