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Last call and am I missing anybody? - RAK list
I have Cindy, Jeannette, and myself. Anyone else want to be on the Random Acts of Kindness list? Did I forget anyone? Barbara
15 years ago
Tip of the day
On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 11:10:18 -0500, Barbara Hass wrote: I agree. I teach a class on scrapbooking in the fabric store. There are a lot of things you can use. Buttons, velcro, rickrack, binding tape,...
15 years ago 6
Hi my name is Tressa. I have not been very active with the group. I've a bad back which keeps me from staying on the computer a long period of time. I have back surgery on August 22,2005. Which does...
15 years ago
AD: 20% OFF your entire order that is up to 80% OFF
is offering 20% OFF your entire order. Including clearance items. That is up to 80% OFF. We also have new Bazzill Basics Cardstock in. Come check us out!! Thanks, Nicole Boucher
15 years ago
Storing rubber stamps in a hot climate
We're moving some rubber stamps (mostly Stampin' Up, a few other brands) out of a house that's being sold, and the relative who has inherited the stamps is concerned about where we plan to store them....
15 years ago 2
Welcome to new members
Hi, I am Cindy. I live in Toledo, OH. I am a single mom with 2 kids (Sarah is 4 and Wayne is 7). My sister Jeanne also moved in with us after her last Divorce, she is helpful with the kids as she...
15 years ago
Welcome to all new members!
Just a quick welcome to all members, both new and old. If you are newer to our recently "reactivated" group and feel comfortable doing so, post a quick hello and introduce yourself, what you like...
15 years ago 2
looking for letter set - 3/16" - (if on stamp not reversed)
Hi, I'm trying to find a letter set, 5/32" - 3/16" high (caps only). Stand-alone letters or on stamps. If on stamps, then not reversed. (would produce a reversed image if you inked it...) They need to...
15 years ago 4
Sparkle aka Glitter
Does anyone else out there like to use glitter in their cards? Even though it gets everywhere, the cats, dog, husband and of course all over my face (!) I love to use glitter to "paint" my cards....
15 years ago 2
Re: Kare's Card
They both love to stamp. Being so young, they don't have a technique yet. Wayne does have his own dinosaur stamp set though. Cindy Using my sister's Agent account, my email is It will be a great day...
15 years ago 1
Transfer ink
Has anyone tried this? Barbara I didn't like it. I think plain gin works better.
15 years ago 2
Alcohol ink recipe
I haven't tried them, but on another group this receipe for alcohol inks was posted, and I thought I'd pass it along... "Add one package of powdered Rit dye to a small baby food jar....then add...
15 years ago
Powdered Pearls tips
POWDERED PEARLS TIPS - From the Creator Of Powdered Pearls - Sandy Lemons= Powdered Pearls are pearlescent powered mica. The only difference between Powdered Pearls and the other brands are Powdered...
15 years ago 5
Stamping magazines
Do you any of you subscribe to any stamping magazines? Which ones? Jeannette I subscribe to the rubber stamper which is one of the few that will mail to France at a reasonable price and I love it....
15 years ago 7
Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) list
A reminder that anyone who wishes to be on the RAK list should email their snail mail and any other info (ie. stamp/ink preferences, style, etc.) to me at . I will then send the RAK list out to all...
15 years ago