Any good sewing macine parts dealers online?

I'm looking for a good online source for sewing machine parts, service
manuals, and all that good stuff.
I've tried, and it's been a joke. Their customer service
is simply abysmal. They took a full week to send out my order, sent me
the wrong part, and two weeks after I returned it they *still* haven't
sent me the correct one. They're slow to respond to email, and if there
is any reason for the delay they haven't bothered to tell me.
So is there anyone out there who actually has a decent inventory, ships
orders quickly, and is good at actually communicating with customers? I
keep odd hours, so it's easier for me to shop online, but there's just
no way I'm ever doing business with Sew4Less again.
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Baby Strange
I have heard nothing but good about:
Ron Anderson A1 Sewing Machine PO Box 60 Sand Lake, NY 12153 518-469-5133
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BEI Design
keep in mind that some of the online sewing parts folks are sort of retired or just messing around with a hobby. They tend not to always be like a regular 9-5 business operation. I've never dealt with sew4less so can't say what their problem is.
Are you looking for stuff for older machines? There is a yahoo newsgroup, featherweight fanatics list along with Treadon group. Lots of connections for help and parts through these folks. I'd start with Ron though. He is around here a lot and quite helpful. Taria
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