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Marty's father Don made his living as a door-to-door vacuum salesman
in North Central Florida. As a child, Marty would ride his bike to his
father's store to wait for his father and watch the repairmen fix
vacuum and sewing machines. Soon, he was actually learning to do the
repairs himself. After years of doing this, he was hired to take the
place of a repairman who left the business. He eventually opened his
own business, Vacuum and Sewing; and after 38 years, he is still happy
to provide expert sales and service to all of his customers.
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Vacuum and Sewing Center is proud of its huge inventory of machines,
parts and supplies including hard to find items. If Marty doesn't have
it, chances are it can no longer be found anywhere!
In our online store, you'll get the same great, down-to-earth service
and products the Dixon family has given for over 50 years.
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Vacuum Sewing Products
Would this be Marty Dixon, 2636 SW 101 Terrace Gainesville, FL 32608, phone 352-505-3016?
Dixon, Marty 2636 SW 101 Terrace Gainesville, FL 32608 US +1.3525053016
For the harvesters, Marty want to hear from you!
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