Bernina 850 stitch bad

I have an Industrie Bernina 850. It has been working great and all of a sudden
the top thread did a whiplash motion and the backside of the stitch is very
loose and loopy. I got a burr on the needle, it was obvious there was a problem.
Changed the needle, made certain the timing was correct with the needle lining
up with where it brings up the bobbin thread. Still loopy. Sewing slow to see
what is not right, moving the wheel by hand, I get a couple stitches then it
sticks and continues the bad stitch. I remove the throat plate so I could see
the bobbin below while I rotated the hand wheel, got a complete rotation with
the bobbin, I could see how the top thread stayed below and crossed the bobbin
pickup and created the horrible stitch. Anyone have an idea how I can adjust
the bobbin casing or flat out correct the problem??? I need my machine
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