just bought my first pattern ;-)

I paid =A36.75 for a pattern that has 8 different shirt designs
including 2 for Grandad Shirts
I have found a seamstress on my local market who will make 1 for free
to see how she goes on
I am going to handsew myself a shirt using backstitch
the lady I bought the pattern off told me how to backstitch
I am really looking forward to it
and I can't wait to tell people I made my shirt myself
there is some really good fabric on the local market at =A32.50 per
and I have found some 100% cotton for =A31 per metre for the seamstress
to make
the first Grandad Shirt with
I hope you are all well and enjoying your sewing
when I get one of the shirts made, I will model it and place a picture
formatting link

if anyone can give me any tips for handsewing a shirt then please
feel free to advise me of the pitfalls...
Thanks in Advance
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