Re: African American Counted Cross Stitch

In response to your request for African-American cross stitch, you may want
to try found some of the most exquisite African-Americ
an designs. I've purchased a few, adding them to my collection of designs o
n the subject. The designs are rather large and quite detailed. I hope you
like them and wish you all the best in your search... Robin Brown
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There is the off chance that post was from some one new to the Internet. When I load a new group I get messages back ten years or better that I have to sort to current. Then there is not much current so those old messages start looking good.
I do not feel real welcome here, but then I guess I am interrupting a private party. Still I read the few available posts about once a week seeking new ideas for the type work I do.
What kind of work do I do? I do a lot of mending for my large family. I make clothing for some family members. I usually find it less expensive to purchase ready made men's wear or T-shirts/ jeans for either gender. I work without ready made patterns creating my own versions of women's wear and Middleages LARP clothing. I have also made my own tents, curtains, bed covers, bed sheets, dog coats.
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