Re: WTD: Info on a Walton Celestial (516 MKIII)

You have scored a major find. They are little work horses that go forever. They were made using the name Kenmore for America, Globe for NZ, Waltons for Australia and something else in the UK. Different branding and power wattage but same sturdy machine, made in Japan as you say. Today it would cost you $800 to buy a machine of that quality. I have a manual for the Waltons 270 which may help. Send me your email address and I'll attach it for you. It will be very similar. I've researched hugely over the past 5 months after major disappointment with Husqvarna and Singer, now making rubbish. All that research led me to Elna and Kenmore, equally reviewed but Kenmore cheaper for same thing. Then I found that Kenmore in Australia was waltons and i've bought 3 on gumtree in the past 6 months. I reckon that will last me a lifetime. No more searching for quality. There are groups for Kenmores in America. I would love to find how the coding ties up, a walton's 270 = kenmore 1050 = globe cub 4 but I can find no general link. Waltons went broke in the 80's which makes it hard to trace, but the machines were made by Jaguar in Japan.
Good luck. Kathy
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On Wednesday, February 14, 1996 at 6:00:00 PM UTC+10,
<snip request for info>
Send me your email
> address and I'll attach it for you.
I suspect Billie-Marie either found a manual at some point in the
past 20+ years, or gave up.
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BEI Design
Amazing thank you for that so basically I have a jaguar sitting on my bench ? if you can please email me the manual too please use uppercase for header so I don?t miss it X
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