9" Buffing Wheels

Klingspor was the source for my buffing set-up, but they no longer carry the
9" wheels. I have the 1" shaft model.
Anyone aware of a source for these buffing wheels for 1" arbors, in both
muslin & cotton?
-- M Powell
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They still show them in 8" in my latest catalog. Any particular reason why you need the extra radial speed?
Was one of the reasons I went with the JET buffer, actually. Leary of non-standard sizes.
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I wrote Klingspor about needing wheels for the 1" shaft, and they simply replied that they no longer carry this size.
My shaft is well away from the motor housing, so it's quite easy to reach into a deep bowl without hitting the shaft.
Had no idea that Klingspor would not continue to carry their own product...
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